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Lithographic Printing

We are a full service sheet-fed printing company. What does this mean for you? Simply put, we have the ability to produce any project from start to finish including, but not limited to, multi-colour offset and digital printing, full bindery, mailing and worldwide delivery.

We have recently upgraded our Heidelberg machinery and have added an XL75-5PC so can print 5 colours and coat or can perfect which means print both sides of the sheet in one pass. With the benefit of Inpress control the colour is monitored and adjusted every 16 sheets, ensuring colour consistency throughout to ISO12647 specification.

Digital and Litho Printing Company

Digital Printing

This has revolutionised printing in the last 10 years. Whilst lithographic printing was the obvious choice for larger quantities it was always an expensive option for smaller print runs.

Now, with the benefit of digital technology, short run print volumes are cost effective and quality assured. You can make communications more relevant to its audience by customising text or images specific to each individual. You could say what you want, when you want, and to whom you want. With no minimum order quantity, you only print what you exactly need.

‘Personalising your messages to your customer needs’

Using our XMPie software we can customise your printed literature to have that personal touch on text, background and also images reaching out to individual customers.

Xerox Digital Printing

Data to personalise:

  • Name
  • Pictures
  • Messages
  • Offers
  • Colours

Marketing today is all about accuracy of targeting. So if you want to create something special and tailored to your individual customer why not contact us today?

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