CPMS - Colourset Print Mail Solutions

About Colourset Print Mail Solutions

The company has been producing quality print for 30 years and has recently made considerable investment in new printing machinery both lithographic and digital. We have recently relocated to our current 12,000sq ft factory allowing us to add automated mailing, inkjetting and shrink wrapping solutions. We aim to provide consistent quality and customer satisfaction. We have a highly dedicated account team with over 124 years' experience between them.

We are very aware of our responsibility as a printer. We recycle wastepaper, cardboard and plastics. Our pre-press uses chemical free processes which requires no developers or fixers and thus leaves no waste for disposal. All inks used are vegetable oil based and we are able to keep our wastage to a minimum thanks to the investment made in new technologies. We have FSC accreditation and continue to use papers from well managed forests, mostly which are carbon balanced and encourage the use of recycled materials. We also ensure all polywrapping used is biodegradable.

Colourset Litho is an environmentally responsible business
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