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Mailing Services

Direct Mail

With research showing that 48% of consumers would open an item personally addressed to them, it is no wonder it is still a popular medium and often a preferred marketing tool to e-mail campaigns.

Personalised direct mail can help you:

  • increase response rates;
  • maximise return on investment; and
  • reinforce brand awareness.

Direct mail can typically produce a response of between 1% and 5%, but get your data wrong and the results can be worse. We can sort data, de-dupe and clean it up to avoid unnecessary postage costs. The aim of your direct mail strategy is to maximise the highest level of response from the lowest possible resources.

Data Processing

Having accurate contact data saves your company money, lifts response rates, improves the customer experience, and helps maintain your brand reputation. We have market leading software to import and process all forms of data quickly and accurately.

Our data services include:

  • Postal sortation for UK, Royal Mail and DSA postage as well as overseas
  • Standard and hierarchical de-duplication
  • PAF address correction and postcode validation
  • Market leading suppressions to screen data for deceased and unmailable addresses as well as NCOA change of address checks
  • Salacious word screening
  • Salutation and validation checking and completion

We can receive data by e-mail, disk or a secure file transfer. Our data processing team will ensure your requirements are met quickly and efficiently and any concerns are raised in advance of mailing and not last minute. However simple or complex the project, our software delivers fast, accurate results.


Personalisation enhances the whole experience of receiving direct mail, ensuring that your campaign generates positive brand awareness. We can inkjet directly onto envelopes, leaflets and even thick postcards using our Buskro inkjet 1600

Laser printing

We can laser print simplex or duplex SRA3 up to 350gsm in black only on our Xerox Nuvera or in colour on our Xerox Versant even on pre printed materials.

Digital and Litho Printing Mailing and Sorting

  • Personalised letters
  • Colour laser printing & personalisation
  • Leaflets
  • Brochures
  • Order forms
  • NCR
  • Surveys
  • Invitations
  • Postcards


Polywrapping is a fast and efficient way to enclose and mail brochures, catalogues or magazines. It allows your marketing to make a real impact. It is cheaper and lighter than an equivalent paper envelope so can lead to savings on postage. All our polywrap is biodegradable.

With the installation of our new I4 Compact Poly Wrapping Machine which is capable of processing up to 5000 packs per hour, using clear or print registered film from its A3 Shuttle Feeder and four specialist Friction Feeders through its cutting-edge Servo Motion Technology and Touch Screen control system. The productive and flexible I4 can feed up to a 2” maximum pack height to handle all of your polywrapping requirements quickly and at a competitive price.

Polywrapping - Poly Wrapping Machine

Machine enclosing

We are able to enclose up to 8 items automatically on a machine from a letter to a thick book or magazine. With the addition of camera matching we can assure the correct personalised inserts are being inserted correctly into each envelope. We have several C4 and C5 machines so we have the ability to handle large volumes within tight deadlines.

  • Camera Matching
  • Enclosing up to C4
  • Enclose up to 8 items automatically
  • Daily Capacity of up to 300,000 items
  • Folding inserts down to fit into envelopes
  • Mailsort sortation

Hand enclosing

Whilst it is cheaper to machine enclose this is not always possible due to the complexity of some jobs. We have a team of dedicated bench workers ready to handle any delicate or intricate campaigns. Do not worry if a mailing is too small to be machined as we have the human resources available. We can also collate, count or pack in tubes as required and get ready for despatch by post or courier.

Response Handling

Our solution does not end once your items are posted. We can manage any returned mail, update databases if required and handle responses your campaigns generate.

  • Brochure and prospectus requests
  • Response Handling campaigns for Charities
  • Mechanical services distribution
  • Direct Mail returns
  • Pick and pack requests


We are able to package all printed materials or enclose with materials supplied into various envelopes, tubes or parcels as specified ready for distribution. Whether to be delivered by one of our vehicles or by one of our preferred overnight next day couriers. We distribute throughout the United Kingdom and overseas.

Customer stock control

Once printed we have the ability to hold in stock for call off or distribution. We are able to keep stock records and advise when levels fall below stock allowances.

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